Carpet Cleanability

Professional carpet cleaners have long understood that Nylon is the best cleaning fiber on the market. Now, many across the country are speaking out about their concerns over the increased use of polyester (P.E.T.) carpet in multifamily housing.

“There’s really very little cost difference between Nylon and polyester, but there are dramatic long-term benefits to Nylon.”

-G. Heinen, G&H Carpet Care, Winter Park, FL

“Cleanable carpet is preferable to disposable carpet, and also better for the environment.”

-O. Anderson, EnviroClean, Nashville, TN

“As a long time professional carpet cleaner, I have found Nylon to be by far the best choice for cleanability and durability. Many professionals in my industry have the general feeling that Nylon consistently out performs polyesters (P.E.T. or P.T.T. fibers) in regards to removal of oil based stains.”

-B. Drew, Extreme Clean, Salt Lake City, UT

“Over the 8+ years I’ve been serving the multifamily industry, the carpet I have the best results cleaning and dying with it’s easy stain release is Nylon. I speak for Venturi as a whole as well as our CEO Mitch Martin in saying that Nylon carpet is, to date, the superior choice.”

-T. Heemeyer, Utah General Manager Venturi Technologies, Inc., Salt Lake City, UT